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Charter Spectrum w/ HD Channels

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Charter Spectrum® HD Channels!

Caught Up in the Action with Charter Spectrum TV in HD

Having Charter Spectrum TV in HD is like being in the middle of entertainment heaven at your house with all the sports, concerts, comedy, movies, kids shows, and more to meet your recreational needs, not to mention how good is in on the eyes and your household budget.

Isn’t it about time your treated yourself to the kind of high quality programming you’ve only dreamed about before? The power to deliver the kind of entertainment that will “wow” you every time watch?

What makes HD programming so great? HDTV combines the finest screen resolution available with the best audio possible, providing a sharper image brought about by the extreme amount of pixels delivered over Charter’s fiber optic network into the living rooms of homes around the nation.

When you sign up for HDTV, the 10,000 choices provides the power in delivering the kind of entertainment that will “wow” you every time you turn on your TV. It is a bonus to the real factor in widescreen technology. When casting your eyes upon your HDTV screen with picture images so brilliant and clear, you’ll slip into the action feeling as though you are at a live event.  It’s that real, like TV from the next generation!

Having HDTV programming is an out of body experience as it only takes one time watching a movie or show in widescreen format to sell you on the entertainment phenomenon that overwhelms you to the point you can’t stand to turn it off. You’ll be drawn into the unbelievable ecstasy of brilliant colors induced into high definition images that are so perfect you may think you are dreaming. It’s a moving experience that will have you pinching yourself to see if it is real!

Check out some of these popular Charter Cable TV in HD channels (channels vary slightly by area):

  • Local feeds of ABC, CBS, and NBC
  • Fox
  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • HBO (For HBO subscribers)
  • HDNet and HDNet Movies
  • Showtime (for Showtime Subscribers)
  • PPV (Pay per View)

Charter Spectrum TV in HD is not just TV service, it’s a transformation into the future of TV entertainment. If you love yourself some TV, then HDTV is the right experience for you. Once you get home from work and get horizontal on the couch, grab the remote and get ready for the time of your life with thousands of high definition programs to choose from, with new ones being added all the time.

Today’s TV entertainment reaches far beyond the TV screen of your living room into the experience extended to a variety of devices streaming TV programming from the internet. Charter Communications TV is committed to offering the highest quality video features available on the market in a reliable manner whether on your TV screen or on the go. Mobile apps are available if you need to take your HDTV with you when you are away from the house.

Now that high definition programming is available, it’s difficult to watch standard definition TV. HDTV is delivered at 5 times the screen resolution captivating viewers with the vibes of excitement and pleasure every time they turn on the TV.  High definition format even makes the evening news exciting!


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