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• Bandwidth to support more devices   than any other Internet provider
• Up to 30 Mbps - 10X faster than   standard DSL and 5X faster than
  AT&T U-Verse DSL
• Enjoy unlimited local and long   distance calling in the U.S., Canada,   Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin   Islands - plus FREE 411 calls

Charter Spectrum Deals

Free DVR Service from Charter

Charter Spectrum® Packages!

Charter Spectrum Bundled Service packages can help you save money while providing you with a premium home programming and telecommunications package. Bundles are the way to go when your family needs programming, high-speed digital internet and home phone services. A Bundled Service package is a monthly package that combines everything into one bill. You can get the programming package you want, with the digital phone and broadband internet you need. When put in one package, these services are discounted and you reap the benefits.

Not only are Charter Bundles more cost-effective, but they are also more convenient. Instead of waiting for three different bills in the mail from three different providers every month, you have one bill that can come by mail, or be seen online. This means easy accessibility for you and convenience you don’t get through multiple providers. Sign on, pay one bill and sign off. You never have to worry about missed due dates, or late fees again.

Bundled Service packages can give you the solution to rushed monthly payments and several different companies to pay. Give yourself a break from the grind with a Charter Cable Package that fits comfortably into your budget and home.

Charter Spectrum TV offers a large selection of programming that can make any family happy. With a large HD channel selection to choose from, and many free HD channels, your family can watch any program in stunning clarity. This includes sports, new movie releases from On Demand and live action from Events and Specials.

When you won’t be home to watch your favorites, record them on the DVR or HD-DVR. Watch your selections on your time. Keep your children protected with Parental Controls so they don’t get exposed to mature programming.

Charter Spectrum Internet services are the way to surf, play online games, stream music or watch content. You never have to worry about your online safety because this service provides security from viruses, spyware and popups. It can even provide Parental Controls so your children are safer online. Block bad sites, monitor online conversations and set time limits.

This service is fast and stable enough to support up to ten devices on your own WiFi network. Get a wireless experience that you can enjoy from any room any the house.

Charter Spectrum Voice helps you connect with your friends and family all over the United States. Make your calls day or night and talk for hours. You never have to count minutes again. No matter where your loved ones are in the US, you can be sure to stay in touch, affordably.

Digital calling features make this service even more convenient because they are free and useful. Charter Spectrum Voice even provides digital voice mail with online access to voice messages for no additional charge. You can’t get better than free. Free is good.

Charter Spectrum Voice can provide a home with international calling rates that make it convenient to call overseas. No matter what your needs are, Charter Spectrum can help you provide for your family’s entertainment and telecommunications needs.

Bundling all three services (Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Phone) with Charter Communications Packages, offers convenience and savings!

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Current or Previous Charter Communication customers may not eligible for the Exclusive Charter Deals offered here.
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‡To qualify for Free DVR Service, customers must be new customers and purchase a qualifying triple play offer.
  • Qualifying Triple Play Offers include: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold.
  • To be eligible for the free service customers must lease a Charter DVR set-top box.
  • Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply.

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