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Charter High Speed Internet
• Bandwidth to support more devices than any other Internet provider
• Up to 30 Mbps - 10X faster than standard DSL and 5X faster than AT&T U-Verse DSL
• Enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands - plus FREE 411 calls

Charter High Speed Internet Service

Charter Internet Offers Fast Download Speeds!

With the ability to personalize your internet so that you do not get what you did not pay for, Charter Internet® Plus has made cable internet more affordable as well as convenient for customers than ever before. Providing an extremely fast service whether you get Charter Internet® Plus offers customers the ability to surf the web, chat, and do other online activities with ease and peace of mind. Order Charter High Speed Internet and get fast, reliable download speeds!

Everyone is becoming more and more busy with our growing technological world, but thanks to this internet service, get what you need and want to online done faster than ever before. Whether you are relaxing with entertainment, video games, reading the news, or taking courses online, Charter Communication’s service will make the process go smoothly and easily.

The many features included with Charter Internet® Plus put it over and above other cable internet services. With ten personalized email accounts, enjoy the freedom to store emails, messages, and sent files with the large amount of storage that is provided for each of them. Everyone in your household will be able to take advantage!

Charter Security Suite has also been added to all Charter Internet® subscribers. With the growing threat of identity theft as well as viruses and other threats online, keep your computer safe with virus protections, firewalls, and much more. Included free of charge, this advanced security suite will offer you and your family the peace of mind necessary to enjoy internet activities of all sorts.

The ability to pick and choose what type of internet and how fast your service is will save you loads of money and let you meet your own personal internet needs. Charter Internet® Plus is ideal for those just getting started with the net. This service is perfect for surfing webpages, checking your email, and things such as online banking and ordering tickets. It is slightly faster and is great for basic downloads of photos as well as music.

This will let you download all sorts of files, music, videos, large files, and much more in the blink of an eye. With truly impressive speeds, this feature is for those trying to do some serious internet downloading and facilitates less waiting for downloads to finish and more time enjoying whatever it is you are downloading.

Charter Internet® Plus is great for downloading large files quickly, and is ideal for movies, video games, and other things you might want to upload online. Plus will let you upload even larger files quicker.

Charter Internet offers the ultimate internet experience with the fastest downloads, often finishing in seconds, streaming videos in High Definition, and advanced online gaming. Whatever your needs, Charter Internet® Plus can meet them and more, so why not switch to this great service today?

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